Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Shade Window Box

Lets get something in here. Shopped with reckless abandon with really no plan except for getting some rosemary. In the hope that the squirrels would hate the smell and the rosemary would grow and look shrub like since all the shrubs planted here have died. Anything that requires lots of water doesn't make it here. I bought what was on sale of course.
 I'll do the window box in the shade today and the other one on another day. Removed the bulbs that didn't come up.
Hosta, asparagus fern, geraniums, impatiens and rosemary. Smells good. Hope the squirrels hate the smell and maybe they'll stay out of it.
Rosemary. My daughter will ask. What is that smell?
Geranium (pelargonium), in shade! Lets see how they do. They may get a little sun and enjoy the shade in the heat of July and August.

I'll add some sweet potato vine if my seedlings are successful and some coleus. They had larger hosta for more money but not a bad price. But I wanted the smaller ones. They all catch up in size. I wonder if this will make it till next spring? I had lirope in here one summer. It didn't make it. Really thought it would. Neglect of watering in summer is part of the problem. I'll do better this summer I promise.

Now for the plants to fill out. 

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