Monday, September 21, 2015

It's Starting To Look Like Fall

Keep me out of the flower shops and nurseries. Although tired after work, I had to start planting something. Each season is exciting, but at the end, I'm tired briefly of the same plants. Couldn't wait to take out the coleus and impatiens and insert some of my favorites. Later in the week I'll get around to finishing. So it begins. 
I prefer the purple kale but I chose from what they had. I think it needs a ribbon.

My favorite are the blues but I haven't found any yet. Nurseries rush to get fall plants into the stores but it doesn't look like Bell nursery kept pansies cool enough as most of them were leggy already. A trip to Primex might give me a better selection.
White pumpkins would look real good with the asters but there were only small ones out so far. Maybe I'll find one this size later.
I squeezed those corn stalks into a small 4 door sedan. it may need some help to stand up at the top when I put it out. The things we do for gardening.

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