Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Harvest

Nothing says fall like the fruits of the harvest. Pumpkins caught my eye first at the produce market while other varieties and gourds weren't in the store yet. Pansies arrived last week but I'll wait a little longer. This week it feels like fall, in the 50's at night and breezy with low humidity during the day. Back to the 80's next week but that's better than 90 and above.

I love fall although it doesn't officially arrive until September 23rd. I'm anticipating the arrival of apples at the Reading Terminal Market and Rittenhouse Square Farmer's Market. Winesap apples are one of my favorite. Jonathan apples became a new favorite when my mom introduced me to them a couple of years ago. Apples are one fruit that come in so many varieties and are so delicious. I like the ones with a crunch. Every year I buy enough to store for months to enjoy during the winter.

This weekend is the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's Harvest Fest. This year its not one day,  but 4 in 2 different locations. It starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday. I looked forward to attending but don't think it'll be the same. I enjoyed the Navy Yard transformed to look like a festival with vendors, of course the harvest, and just the surroundings. Something different. The heart of South Street nor Passyunk and Wharton will be the same for me. I'm sure the Horticultural Society gave careful thought to this years event and hope to attract many reaching into neighborhoods. Living in the city I enjoyed feeling like I was out of the city for at least a few hours. I guess I won't find out for myself how the event is but I'll read the reviews. You can get more information here if you plan to attend.

Although I said I wouldn't buy any yet, couldn't resist for the price and I know I won't  find them priced for less. Looking forward to gourds and other specialty pumpkins. Time for all the pumpkin flavored foods and beverages that only come at this time of year then disappear till next year.
I wanted red mums but no red at the nursery. Maybe next time. One went in my flower bed and 2 in the sidewalk planters.
My tree in the front. I hope the leaves turn a pretty gold this year.
The leaves were like this weeks ago in the beginning of August.
Can't wait to get to the planter on the step. Maybe in 2 weeks when it's cooler and I'll plant my pansies and some mums or asters.
Time to cut down my only sunflower plant and tidy up the flower bed.
I'll leave the root and pull it when it's died some. The birds will miss it.
The balloon flowers did well this year but I'll cut them and leave a little stem to know where I can plant something. They're starting to yellow anyway.
I pulled most of the impatiens a week ago. Looked liked downey mildew. The leaves started to exfoliate. My neighbors usually react to my taking the annuals out before they die from frost. I'll leave some this year but pansies and violas are calling me. I'm usually tired of the annuals long before the summer is over. Too much watering involved. The planters will need to be more drought tolerant plants next summer. I'm going to put in some of the daisies from the yard waiting to be planted and some sage I bought on sale. I also have another type of sedum to put in. Impatiens, sweet potato vine, and coleus need lots of watering during the summer. More than I'm committed to, and I'd like to see something different. The arborviate are also getting larger and taking over the planter. Might be time to remove them.
The coleus are beautiful and usually get cut and put inside to root but I don't have much success with them surviving in the house until spring as they're already too woody. It's easier to start some from seed since they're an easy seed to grow.

Cut 1/2 of the sweet potato vine off, pulled the impatiens and coleus and added 1 sage, and 1 mum. When the sweet potato vine, asparagus fern, and a euphorbia on the other side, I'll add some pansies and 2 perennials that hopefully come back in the spring. 
It's my birthday week and I'm enjoying my flowers. Just couldn't take one picture. On Saturday we'll celebrate with dinner out. I have to find something special to wear.

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