Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Just Thoughts

Sometimes I spend time looking at my blog and I smile to myself at my tiny green urban space. I'm amazed at what God has given us in nature and what one can do with just a little work and finding pleasure in the beauty of plants and flowers.  I'm also amazed that many people don't get the same joy from plants and flowers that many do. We are such different individual souls. This morning while walking to my car, I walked passed a neighbor's house and outside waiting for trash collection as today is our day for collection, was a beautiful huge arrangement of flowers. None past their bloom or prime. Beautiful lilies and a variety of fresh flowers. My fresh flowers are truly dead when they reach the trash but obviously what brings joy to each person is different as evidenced by the flowers. Did I want to pick out each beautiful lily and place them on my desk  today to admire? Of course, but I didn't. I hope someone passing along did. 

When I started my blog encouraged by my biggest supporter my daughter, I hoped to build a dialogue with other gardeners who shared interest in gardening. It's been a couple of years blogging now and that dialogue hasn't happened. Am I disappointed? In some ways but not totaly. I take joy that what I called therapeutic journaling will be a treasure for my daughter and future family to share memories and read and still catch glimpses of me, my essence, personality, and spirit. My disappointment with blogger is that post must be public. I need to find a way to share my gardening and life with family and friends more privately. I used to journal in a diary, maybe I'll try that again. My daughter feels that it's not the comments but how many people look at the blog. It's a matter of opinion. Yes, I'm ranting. Thanks for listening.

Last night I forced my first paperwhites. It was now or never for them. Purchased with glee when they were first available at the end of September and sitting on my porch was not a good idea. The bulbs were already sprouting tops and not as firm as when purchased but not soft yet. Maybe next week I'll start some others just to see what they look like since they're a variety I've never purchased before. The year seems to have passed quickly with each season arriving sooner than it does when one is younger. Although my goal is to simplify gardening, how does one do this? It seems like I have more to tend but the same amount of space. I enjoy it and find it beautiful. By the end of summer I'm tired and glad to see dead foliage through the window killed by frost. So why was I planting broccoli in October a few days before November? Who does that in zone 7? I have no answer. Maybe I like to see vegetables die. I should get some lettuce by Thanksgiving, I'm hopeful.

Going through my seed box on Saturday was fun. So now it's really time to do some indoor gardening or should I say actually pay attention to the house plants in the house what plants are left that I didn't kill. I try, but plants do what plants want to do sometimes often ending in death not caused by the owner. Although winter is normally not a time recommended to transplant houseplants I think I'll do some transplanting, and grooming. Sunday is the first day of November so  it's time to spray my plants and bring them inside till spring. After this along with preparing the house for Thanksgiving and Christmas maybe I'll start some seeds. Maybe focus on getting the bulbs in the ground first. Have a good night.


  1. Patricia,
    After reading your post, I felt compelled to comment here. I have your site bookmarked as one of my favorites. I enjoy reading your post because your interest are similar to mine. Just one person who is trying to make to most of their space. Some of your plants are the ones I have and some are not as I live in Hawaii. I like you have Coleus ( my favorite), impatients and other plants that bloom with color.

    Please keep up the hard work in your garden ans your blog. I look forward to seeing your successes and failures in this wonderful hobby.

    October 28, 2015 at 7:38 PM

  2. Thank you for your warm comments. I love coleus also and they're really easy to start from seed and come in so many varieties. I'm envious of the possibilities and lush and beautiful plants you can grow in your region. Enjoy your space and thanks for taking time to share.


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