Saturday, January 23, 2016

They Got It Right, Blizzard 2016

This greeted me when I opened my door to get the snow off as it's trickling through a crack onto the porch floor. This is not the worst snow storm we've had, but it's still a lot of snow.
Callie took a walk in the snow and decided to have a seat instead.

We shoveled, went inside and rested, and heavy snow started again. So far 17.7 inches in the city and over 30 inches in Allentown. We expect over 20 inches by the time it's predicted to stop at midnight. New Jersey really has it bad with flooding. Keep them in your prayers and the family of a Montgomery County man that died shoveling snow.

Have to have your salt, 90 pounds.
And water and enough groceries. Did my shopping during the week and avoided the crowds of last minute shoppers.
Morning coffee.
The back door. I wouldn't attempt to try to walk down the steps wherever they are.

There's at least a foot on that bench.

It's a pretty snow. Light and fluffy. Not the heavy,wet snow that my area expected.

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