Monday, January 25, 2016

Violas, Pelargoniums, Vinca, Coleus & Lisianthus

I started some seeds last week. My geraniums from old seeds germinated but all developed a yellow tinge and most died. I still have a few and refuse to throw them out unless they die. My excitement is gone as seedlings can be temperamental and my attention on a daily basis short. A lot of the second sowing of pelargoniums/geraniums have germinated as well as ten vinca seedlings and 10 red kong coleus. Being house bound, I thought more seedlings would have started this weekend but not yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I'm excited about theses and tried them last year from another seed company with no success. The seeds are superfine but these are pelleted and almost all germinated. Can't wait to see them. I have 50 chocolate mint coleus but won't sow but a few enough for my sister and myself.
The red coleus. I'm thrilled since I had trouble with them last fall and coleus are usually easy seedlings to grow.
Not many violas germinated in this tray. One of 2 trays.
The violas are leggy so I put them closer to the light but it wasn't a good idea because it burned some of the leaves. Some are laying down. Most were before I watered them. They need to be transplanted now as they've started developing their second set of leaves. They look fragile and if they make it i'll be surprised. I'll have to treat them gently when I plant them. There aren't many but if I get some to planting time and they bloom that'll be a success and I've learned some things this year that I didn't do in the past such as just covering the seeds in dark plastic but this year I just covered the seeds with soil. I also put them on the heat mat but didn't do this first.
Lisianthus  seeds were pelleted and haven't germinated yet but have swelled so the seedlings should emerge soon.
Vinca Seedlings. Most have germinated. Usually I cover them with black plastic because they need dark to germinate but this time I place a piece of cardboard over them and light wasn't completely blocked out but most have germinated. I only planted 10 and want to start more but it needs to be done soon because they stay small for a while before they take off.
Vinca again.

The maverick salmon were the first to germinate in 2 days. I also have red ones and ivy leafed ones 10 of each.
Can you see the begonia top right corner. I'm late seeing it because they germinate smaller so it's been there a while. I have several that germinated along with one geranium black velvet of six seedlings in the container with them. I'll remove them to another place after each germinates because the begonias will stay covered for months. Begonias are 10 dragon wing and the other regular seed begonias I think named bada bing. I don't have the seed pack with me. I have other's to plant but I may wait as the others will be kept as house plants.
Begonias again. I only see 1.

Violas again, leggy but the light burned them.

Geranium appleblossom has been the slowest to germinate.
I covered the vinca with this. It didn't completely keep out light but they've done well so far. I took the cover off tonight as most have germinated

Ivy geraniums.
Tray of begonias with geraniums on the left.
Another view of the begonia seedling.
First sown geraniums are slowly coming up but don't survive. Now I know to get fresh seed every season.
Got more snow after dark and snowed in until snow plows come. Snow day from work tomorrow. I won't begin to talk about the condition of our street. Nothing has moved in or out of the street.

Won't be getting out the back door anytime soon. It looks like someone dumped snow, mother nature. It's a good thing I got the bulbs planted last week or they wouldn't have been planted.

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