Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Morning-Grumblethorpe

I went to pick up a few groceries. On my way home I noticed the small farmer's market at Grumblethorpe. A young man was churning ice cream with a wood churn. Home grown fresh flowers caught my eye. I drove this way to stop at the thrift store next door to Grumblethorpe. Grumblethorpe usually sells vegetables from their 2 acre organic garden. If they had any they were sold out. I didn't want veggies anyway but the flowers. I just came from the produce market. The lady selling them pointed to the cutting garden for me to see where the flowers came from. Proceeds from what is sold go toward the preservation of the property. I must carry a camera with me at all times because this would have been a great picture opportunity. The small market is there every Saturday I believe during the Spring, Summer and Fall. I have toured the house but it was when my daughter was younger.  I wonder if they will allow me to take pictures inside. I'll have to go for a tour and ask. I will take pictures of the outside of the house next Saturday to post. It looks the same as the picture below. I would have went back with my camera today but it was hot and once I went inside I didn't want to come back outside today. I live in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a city of many neighborhoods. Germantown was founded in 1683 by German born Francis Daniel Pastorius. Pastorius was commissioned to form a settlement in America and Germantown was born ( Grumblethorpe is John Wister's big House. Wister is another prominent person in Germantown history. Of the many things I hope to talk about on this blog along with gardening and some other interest is my neighborhood. I want to show what drew me to this area, some of the colonial and victorian homes, neighborhoood gardens, and interesting historical sites. The picture of the home is from Historic Germantown's web site. If you click the link it will take you there. 

The flowers are beautiful. I follow another blog where the writer picks a bouquet of fresh flowers from her garden every week. This would be wonderful if I had land and space to do this. She did make me think that even though I'm not going to go into my yard and pick the flowers that are blooming because if I did I would not have them to look at, but there are flowers/plants that I can pick that won't be noticed missing. I have a lot of hosta. Their leaves are huge. The end of Summer is the perfect time before the leaves start to turn yellow. Why let all the foliage go to waste. My mind is envisioning how creative I can be and what I can grow from seed to cut. I kept that in mind when I planted the zinnia although I planted them late. I can grow pots of flowers in the Spring just for cutting to bring inside. Or I can grow them in pots just for the inside, and I have a large shrub that needs pruning. Back to the thrift store. At the gardening class on houseplants, our presenter talked about inexpensive ways to obtain interesting containers for plants. She  obtained some of hers from the thrift store. I haven't been there for a while because the clutter in my house tells me to stay away, but the gardening class inspired me to go see what I like that caught my eye.  I will show you below. Enjoy the flowers.

Grumblethorpe (Picture taken from

Can anyone identify the yellow flower?

Gallaridia, Hydrangea, some type of Daisy (maybe shasta or becky), marigold, Daylillies, Astible bloom (I think), unknown yellow flower, and Achillea

The pink bowel was not planned. Lets see what I can add to these 2 containers?

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