Friday, November 14, 2014

A Nice Surprise

Not the prettiest leaves the Norway Maple has had. Time to sweep the sidewalk every day till the leaves stop falling. I'll try to save them to add to leaves in the yard for the flowers beds out back. Another blogger wrote about shredding them with a weed whacker by placing all the leaves in a trash can verses buying a leaf shredder. This will work since I have one. This way the leaves will compost quicker.
Just photographed last night but they seem to grow more every day. I hope they don't grow taller because I'll have to tie them up to keep from falling over. If they bloom this weekend or next week, the blooms won't last till Thanksgiving. I started them on time but I didn't start them in a cool place first then move them to warmth. I think this caused faster growth. I still have 2 bags to start. One for Christmas and one for later in the winter.
A nice surprise. Thought that winners would be honored at the Philadelphia Flower Show. What a nice honor. Wish my mother were here to enjoy this with me.
Will I go? Not sure. I've never been to Harrisburg but, I would love to the Governor's Residence decorated for Christmas. This is a work day but I can take a personal day for such an honor should I choose to attend. I'll have to decide soon.

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