Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seed Starting-Pansies

I had 3 packs of Swiss giants so I only used 1. Seeds are from Burpee, Baker Creek, Botanical Interest, and some generic suppliers. Some are old seeds and some from this year. I love blue pansies but I haven't had any success with Botanical Interest, got the blues seeds. Lets see if I get any. Trying to use seeds that I have so I can use up some of my seeds. I can get excited when I see seeds and over buy when I can't possibly plant them all. Many have sun requirements and of course my yard is dappled shade. I like trying different annuals.
I added water to these pellets yesterday morning but didn't sow seeds until today. I drop seeds directly from their seed pack onto the coir. Not a good idea but lets see what comes up. I surface sowed them and then lightly spritzed with water although the coir is nice and moist. I put the humidity dome on. 
They require darkness to germinate so I usually cover with a black plastic bag. Keep checking for germination and remove the cover when the seeds start to germinate. It's recommended to place them in a cool environment such as a window or unheated room. I won't be placing them in the refrigerator or on my porch which I have done before. If it's too cold they won't germinate I've found. I'll keep them on my dining table and when they start to germinate, move them to the bedroom window. Room temperature made the best success getting seeds to germinate for me in the past. The year I had the greatest success with seedlings was when I grew them on the window seal. No additional light needed, only the winter sun. Wish me luck this year. It's fun to try. I'll be looking to see what seeds you start.
The geranium seedlings are doing good but I'm still waiting for more germination. Had to ask myself why aren't the rest of the seeds germinating? They are covered by a humidity dome that keeps in moisture. I decided to spritz the pellets that had not germinated with water. That may be a problem with the pellets not being wet enough. Lets see if this helps. I'll also need to move the germinated seedlings to another container because they are touching the top of the humidity dome. I'll leave other seedlings there till they germinate. Both containers are still on the heat mat.

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