Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Babies

Dwarf sunflowers ready to be separated into individual containers. They have their true leaves, are being watered with a weak fertilizer and roots are growing out the bottom of the containers. So I think they're ready. Can't wait to see them full sized and planted outside making heads.
Lupines only 3 healthy, although four germinated. They're the perennial type. I'm going to start more and will be thrilled if they are large enough to plant and return in spring.
The anemone Madonna snowdrop actually germinated and they aren't as tiny as I thought they'd be. Waiting patiently for the other type to germinate.
Digitalis (foxgloves). They're also larger than I thought. Getting all those to planting out size would be wonderful.
Echinacea Purpurea 
Stacys byzantina (lambs ear). I'm happy that I have some that germinated and are developing true leaves.
White swan echinacea slowly germinating in 2 containers. The other is anemone pink saucer  and a container of sunflowers that I don't think are viable. I'll wait to see since the seeds were fresh.

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