Monday, October 27, 2014

The Weekend- Sunday

The weekend was beautiful. There are no other words to describe it, just beautiful. Not a cloud visible in the sky to my eye. Cool wiping winds with the rustle of leaves on trees. As I sat on my porch having breakfast several leaves blew onto the porch alarming my cat Joy who thought it was an unwelcome visitor. Hopefully my plans for the day won't go astray as I sit longer and longer on the porch enjoying the weather looking at Autumn leaves on the neighbor's trees, blogging, and anticipating reading a stack of old garden magazines on the chair next to me. 

My plans for today include hanging heavier curtains in my kitchen and plastic to cover 2 original windows in the house that have not been replaced. Laying down the rug in the living room. Wood floors can be drafty in the winter in old houses. Preparing dinner of course. And last but the most fun after covering the window and hanging curtains is, go out back to plant the urn. Bulbs will have to wait till another day. I reaped the effects of drastic changes in weather from day to day, I'm sick. Cold symptoms and sore throat. As long as I don't get a fever I'll be okay.  Got everything done except the rug.

I want to plant these today but they'll have to wait. I still want hyacinths and allium to add to the ones from last year. Hopefully the squirrels haven't eaten all of them.
I was shocked to see the paper whites already poking out. Then I realized it'll be November on Saturday and it's time to plant them.
No help, no help! I guess when you've had a cat for 16 years what else is he expected to do?

A little bit heavier for Winter.
The kitchen window. Mom's palm, cactus, and succulent. Liz's kalanchoe, and coleus cuttings out front.
Ornamental grass and some pansies planted. Just needs a little water. Caladium were pulled and will be stored.
This did well in the yard. I think I have more seeds for next year.
The crepe myrtle is doing good so far.

The squirrels are getting desperate even before winter arrives. That looks like a chunk out of my elephant ear. I was trying to let it dry out some. I should move this onto my porch with the other bulbs before it's taken away. I have seen squirrels take large sunflower head and drag them away.
I'll have to run out to get the fig seedling if frost is predicted. I'm not taking a chance this winter. She will go on the porch till spring.
Time to make dinner;mashed potatoes, turkey meat loaf, and a green salad.

This is a cutting. It's never stopped blooming since I brought it from Georgia. I hope it multiplies when I put it in soil and makes it till planting in spring. I love he color of the flowers. Liz says it's ground cover. It will be nice to have something besides sedum. It may be an annual here. I'll have to wait until next winter to see but I'll save cuttings so if it dies I'll still have some.
I think I've learned the secret of orchids, watering appropriately.

Will repot the succulent garden my Aunt sent for my birthday in a larger container.

Plants on the shelf until seedlings are started.
Coleus cuttings from my uncle in Georgia.

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